Silver & Copper Jewelry Care

How To Care For Your Silver & Copper Jewelry

All silver, brass, and copper metals will naturally oxidize over time and wear, and when exposed to open air or in reaction to skin contact, but there's a few things you can do to keep your AK Mountaintop Mermaid piece looking shiny and new...

  • Don’t expose metals to harsh solvents or chemicals.
  • Keep free of lotions, perfumes, and other cosmetics.
  • Keep your jewelry dry and out of water as much as possible.
  • Remove your jewelry before showering, bathing, or swimming (chlorine and saltwater can permanently damage copper).
  • Store your clean, dry jewelry in a resealable plastic bag or jewelry case when not in use.

Whenever your piece needs a quick shine, here are a few simple methods you can use...

  • Give your piece a quick rub with the jewelry cloth I provided you with your purchase (non-antiqued patina pieces only get an included jewelry polishing cloth - if you use a jewelry cloth on an antiqued copper item, it will rub off the patina and the raw, shiny copper will be exposed). Larger jewelry cloths are readily available at most jewelry and retail stores and are very inexpensive. 
  • Use table salt and vinegar - pour salt and vinegar over your jewelry and gently rub into the jewelry until any grime or tarnishing is removed. Rinse with water and polish with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Use salt and lemon - pour salt on half of a lemon and rub over jewelry, or pour salt and squeezed lemon juice onto jewelry and gently rub in. Rinse with water and polish with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Gently use a brash brush or steel wool to polish the metal. Keep in mind this method can damage stones, so use this method carefully. 

Copper Jewelry Info:
Copper tends to tarnish more quickly than other metals. I apply a specific protective coating designed for copper to all my copper pieces, but no sealant on the market is everlasting. Eventually, it will wear off over time. Some people may experience a faint green tint where the copper comes into contact with their skin. It's essential to note that this isn't an allergic reaction; it's entirely normal and can occur with any unsealed raw copper jewelry. It might also indicate a slightly acidic nature of your body. If this occurs, simply wash the tinted area with soap and water. To prevent future skin discoloration, you can use clear nail polish to coat the part of your jewelry in contact with your skin and reapply as necessary.

Certain individuals opt for unsealed copper, valuing direct skin contact for its perceived health and spiritual advantages. Unsealed, raw copper tarnishes more swiftly due to its natural reaction to the elements. As copper undergoes tarnishing, it loses its luster but transforms into a captivating dark matte hue reminiscent of an 'antique penny.' To restore its shine, you can employ various methods mentioned earlier, such as using a polishing cloth, steel wool, a brass brush, or employing substances like lemon and salt, vinegar, or ketchup.

On a personal note, I favor leaving my copper pieces unsealed due to the numerous benefits associated with wearing raw copper. If you have a specific request on a custom order, I am more than willing to exclude the sealant step to accommodate your preference.