Untamed Mermaid Collection

Untamed Mermaid Collection

In honor of my late mother who recently passed, I'm dedicating this special line of creations to her. 
Why 'Untamed Mermaid'?
For years my mom was a semi-truck driver (which I think is where I got my love for driving big boats and machines). She was an owner-operator, so she had her own truck and LOVED driving all over the country. She just loved driving in general - taking off on a 10 hour drive to the beach just to see the ocean, then turn around and drive back home. 
My mom was a beautiful, free spirit and I know she passed that free spirit mentality on to me. 
If you're familiar with truck drivers, they each have a 'handle' or nickname they go by on their CB radios so they can talk to each other without having to use their real names. My mom went by 'Untamed Mermaid', which fit her perfectly. 
I have a lot of shark teeth that my mom has given me over the years, as well as some from my aunt, so I'm combining those shark teeth with raw crystals, gemstones, and Alaskan seashells to create my Untamed Mermaid collection. 
This collection is very special to me and each piece reminds me of my free spirit mother, and I hope you enjoy my art too. 
I'll be adding these creations to the shop sporadically, so keep an eye out for them! 
May her spirit be looking down on us all and smiling from that eternal highway of love.
I love and miss you mom. <3
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