Green Sea Glass Ring // Size 7.5 // Authentic Alaskan Seaglass

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Add some mermaid ocean energy to your life!

This tiny chunk of sea glass was collected on one of my beach walks near my home in Juneau, Alaska.

Sea glass is unique and wonderful because it proves that the ocean can take something rough and broken and transform it into something beautiful and brilliant.

I gave new life to this sea glass by turning it into a unique copper electroformed ring that you can wear to take the essence of the sea and copper energy with you wherever the wind blows you.

♡US Size 7.5 

All copper will eventually oxidize and tarnish with time and wear, but the copper on this ring has also been coated with a protective varnish to extend the life of the natural copper shine. There are many easy techniques to bring back the lustrous copper shine such as a simple rub of a jewelry cloth, soaking in vinegar, soaking in lemon or lime juice, and even using ketchup!


Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, from electricity to the mystical subtle energies emanating from higher planes. Copper is said to enhance and transmit thoughts, even over long distances. Copper also enhance the properties of the other crystals around it, so using copper in conjunction with other stones is highly beneficial to the wearer.


Electroforming is a very time intensive process that produces unique results with each piece having it's own beautiful characteristics. Each piece takes 24-48 hours just to create the copper plating, and days of prep work before and after receiving that beautiful copper energy. Lots of love and attention goes into each of my copper electroformed pieces, and I hope you enjoy them!


♡ Made with love and good vibes in Juneau, Alaska!

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